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client testimonials

Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied client, too!


"Kim is the best!  She tackled a project my husband and I had been putting off for years and cleared out a ton of old junk.  She just got it done -- efficiently and with a smile on her face.  Now we know where things are and our garage and basement are both super organized and accessible. " - Jennifer M.


"Kim is absolutely amazing! My closet was out of control for years and I really didn't have the energy to organize it. In a short amount of time, Kim was able to whip my closet into shape. Now when I open my closet I feel happy just looking at all my pretty, organized clothes. Sometimes, I open it just to admire and smile! 🙂 At first, I was a little embarrassed for someone to come in and see the condition of my closet but Kim has incredible energy and warmth and made me feel comfortable right away. I know I will work with Kim in the future on many more projects! She is amazing!!!" - Kristen R.


"We had just completed a kitchen remodel and had been living out of boxes for months. We left for vacation, and when I came home Kim had put everything away in a very organized fashion.  In addition she had given our living and dining rooms an updated look with new accessories and area rugs.  She had uncluttered our bookcases and shelves.  She re-framed and hung our pictures and artwork and made everything look so much cleaner.  I felt like we had a whole new home.  She helped me realize that less is better! Kim is amazing." - Elizabeth S.


"Kim did an amazing job helping me pair down and organize my garage.  It is now so pretty that I walk in often just to stare at how organized it is.  With all the labels, everything is so easy to find.  Kim is so warm and easy to work with that I have recommended her to all my friends!!" - Laura W.


"I loved Kims services. It helped tremendously to get my clothes organized!!! I need her back!" - Heather Z.


Kim is a lifesaver.  I was in an overwhelmed and fairly desperate state with all of our family's worldly possessions in four different locations.  In a matter of a few days (really, just days) she helped me make some tough decisions and part with so many things we didn't need, then organize what we did need in the most practical way.  Not only was her work efficient, but it was also really fun, so I looked forward to our sessions every time.  I will be forever indebted to Kim for going above and beyond to help us settle into our home." - Judy M.


"As a repeat client, I would highly recommend the services of Kim Salisbury.  She has helped me organize and purge my office, garage and closet providing design and décor recommendations in the process.  She is highly motivated, works effectively and efficiently and will leave you with a complete sense of satisfaction.  No project is too big or small for her and she always has innovative ideas that you never thought possible.  If you’re at all like me, and don’t really know what needs to be done in a particular space, Kim knows and will have it completed to perfection with minimal direction and/or guidance.  No doubt- you’ll be completely happy booking her for your next project!" - Sandra L. 


"Kim is wonderful!!!  Hi energy..positive...and really efficient... Highly recommend!!!!" - Linda P.


"I faced a widow issue in my master bedroom and needed work done on both of my children's closets. Kim came to the rescue with a variety of ideas for each of these areas. She is professional and her work ethic superb. We are very happy with the outcome and will use her again." - Jessica S.


"Kim came into my house a few years ago and transformed the way I organize not only my home but also my life.  She is part psychologist, friend, organizer, mentor and advocate for a lifestyle that will improve your day to day living through organization.  Once the protocols are set in place she leaves you with the tools and ability to easily maintain your home. I cannot tell you how worth the investment she is!" - Michelle M.


"Kim was a complete lifesaver when I needed to re-organize my entire garage last Spring. I absolutely could not have tackled this monumental task without her guidance & expertise. When we moved to another house, I knew exactly who to call to help me purge & get organized in our new home. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Kim better. Her energy is infectious & I would highly recommend her & her services!" - Laura W.